Canadad Life logo According to a survey by Canada Life, four out of five adults in the UK don’t have a Power of Attorney and registrations have dropped by 26.5 per cent. With the Government set to modernise the Lasting Power of Attorney, it’s time that adults with no Power of Attorney took action.


  • 78 per cent of UK adults have not registered a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA)
  • 77 per cent of over-55s have not registered either type of LPA
  • A recent FOI by Canada Life reveals a fall of 26.5 per cent in registrations of LPAs in 2020/21 compared with the previous tax year

New insight from Canada Life reveals four out of five adults (78 per cent) in the UK have not registered a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA), including 77 per cent of the over-55 age group.

Two types of Lasting Power of Attorney

There are two types of LPA. The first can be registered for health and welfare needs, when you might need someone to make decisions on your behalf around medical requirements, daily routines or even decisions on moving into care. LPAs can also be registered for someone to make decisions on your behalf around property and financial needs if you are unable to do so yourself.

LPAs are completed using a paper form, and each type of LPA will cost £82. You don’t need to engage a solicitor or legal professional if you choose to do it yourself, and you can deal directly with the Office of the Public Guardian.

Andrew Tully, technical director, Canada Life said:

‘Lasting Power of Attorneys put in place a valuable safety net and can provide reassurance at hugely difficult times for both you and your family. The very low uptake in registering LPAs, especially among the over-55 age group, is likely because of the lack of awareness of what they are and the resulting benefits from having them. You can very simply put in place each type of LPA which can provide significant peace of mind, although (it is) worth considering even simple LPAs can take 20 weeks to put in place.


‘Our recent FOI revealed the number of LPA registrations fell during the pandemic, which went against the huge increases seen in registrations in the previous five years. This is partly due to the processing changes that needed to be made at the start of the pandemic and the resulting backlog caused.


‘LPAs are incredibly powerful legal documents and very easy to register while you have the mental capacity to do so, and you will know your affairs and needs would be looked after by the person you nominate.’

Reduction in LPAs

Following an FOI request by Canada Life, the Ministry of Justice has confirmed there has been a 26.5 per cent reduction in the number of lasting power of attorneys (LPAs) registered in the 2020/21 tax year compared with the previous year. In total, 636,628 registrations were completed, split between 282,883 health and welfare and 353,745 property and finance LPAs.

This compares with 866,272 registrations in the previous tax year (2019/20), split between 382,130 health and welfare and 484,142 property and financial, which to date is the peak year for registrations.


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