General Guides

Beginners Guide to Power of Attorney

Welcome to MyPOA, our beginner’s guide will take you step-by-step through the process of choosing the right attorney, selecting the appropriate POA document, revoking authority, and filling out the necessary forms.

General Guide for the Donor

The Donor is the person who appoints the attorney to act with the Power of Attorney (POA). This article is a general guide for the Donor on how to choose the right attorney, which POA document to choose and how to revoke the attorney’s authority.  Also, how to fill out the forms and how much will it cost.

General Guide to the Office of the Public Guardian

The Office of the Public Guardian is the governing body for those with the Power of Attorney.  This guide will explain what they can and cannot do, how you can contact them and what powers of investigation they have.

General Guide on the Lasting Power of Attorney

This guide will explain all about the Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA).  There are two types of LPA 1) Finance and Property and 2) Health and Wellbeing.  It is really important to understand both documents, why you need them and how to get them.

General Guide to the Court of Protection

The Court of Protection is a legal body that safeguards the rights and interests of individuals who lack mental capacity to make decisions for themselves, particularly in matters related to their personal welfare, health, and financial affairs.

General Guide to Mental Capacity

Mental capacity or the lack of it is an individual’s ability to make informed and rational decisions about their own life including their finances, and health and and well-being. A donor has to have mental capacity to be able to appoint an attorney.